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JP Students Result Management System Premium

Powerfull students result management system.You can add,edit,publish result.It has ajax powered advance result search form for searching student result.It also offers a custom page template which is fully responsive and printable.


JP Students Result Management System Premium is a plugin which powered by WordPress.Basically, It has developed for managing students result in online.So, this plugin is suitable for educational site, such as school, college, university etc.


  • Subject wise result adding facility.
  • Certificate adding facility.
  • Unlimited subject, class, year, group and section.
  • Result adding facility from CSV file.
  • Multiple result adding facility from CSV file.
  • Result export (backup) facility to CSV file.
  • Advanced result search form.
  • Three different result search form.
  • Full customizable result search form.
  • Responsive and customizable custom page template.
  • Result print facility.
  • Certificate view and download facility.
  • Plugin’s own update engine.
  • Translation support.
  • Shortcode system.
  • WordPress multisite support.
  • Setting panel and many more.
  • Android app for result search.
  • Both online & offline documentation.

JP Students Result Management System Premium

JP Students Result Management System Premium

By default it has 10 subject group with 80 subjects.But you can create unlimited subject, class, year, group and section.Adding, publishing and editing a result is very easy task.It has class, year, group and section wise result filtering system in all result listed page.So that,you will find specific class’s result very easily and can publish or draft them in one click.

This plugin offers a shortcode for adding ajax powered advanced result search form in page or post.It also offer a nice looking custom page template which is responsive.You can print result from there.

We’ve finished our csv importer development (since v1.2).It’s also ajax powered.From now you can use our own csv importer to import thousand of result at a time.

You can translate this plugin in your own language.We’ve included translatable file.

This plugin’s has a settings panel with five setting tab for necessary settings.From there you can change default subject and subject group name.Can customize custom page template.Can hide unnecessary fields. Can validate any input field by simply checking specific field name. Can change default search form.

In our version 1.0.2, we’ve added Export to csv feature. So you can backup all your results by just one click.

So,I think it will be your perfect choice for next educational project. See Live Demo

JP Students Result Management System Premium is now on Codecanyon. Please buy this product from here.

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  1. jobaer

    i installed its good but how it works i don’t know….

  2. Youssef Idboubker

    I would like to know if it is possible to import sql or excel student files directly into
    the excel or sql file contains the following information :
    RegID/ StudentID/ Term/ Level/ Day/Time /Teacher /LastName/ FirstName Grade/ Comment / Decision
    At the front end we would like to display something like this:
    Student ID:

    Thank you.


      Our customers will get this feature soon.Now I am working on CSV to Database importing feature for adding multiple result at a time.

  3. Ganesh

    Hi i have more than 100 students in my school, if i want to add multiple students how to do this, and also i want to add subjects, result sheet i want to look like this

    Student Name
    Father Name
    Result: Pass/Fail


      All tasks you can do with this plugin you have mentioned.Now I am working on CSV to Database importing feature for adding multiple result at a time & It will be completed soon.Please check back after some days.


  4. Md Abul Bashar

    I Need this 5 fields, you can do this?
    Then i will buy this plugin.

  5. sreeram1979naidu



      Hello, what did you mean by post? You can publish students result in online by this plugin. Students can search/find their result using their roll/registration number. It has 3 different search form. We provide android app for user. You can import thousand of result from csv file by one click. Please check demo.

  6. Risandraentertainments1

    I like how simple the plugin is but if you can add search results by PIN and add passport on the result print out page, the I can buy. Again is it a lifetime plugin?


      Yes, I will try to add that features in next version or upwards. But I can’t give a specific time. Yes, it is life time plugin. Thank you.

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